Canary Islands lose 250,000 passengers in February 2013

Air traffic in the Canary Islands fell by 8.87% (249,672 people) in February 2013 when compared to the same month in 2012 according to data released by AENA. Operations were also down last month by 15.6% totaling 23,097 take-offs and landings which is 4,285 less than the same month last year.The highest decline in operations was seen in La Palma with 31.6% less operations than this time last year with a drop in passengers of 21.4%. Fuerteventura was also affected with a drop in flights of 21.9% and a decrease of passenger numbers of 16.3%.

The busiest airport in the Canary Islands last month was that of Gran Canaria, which recorded 7,733 operations (-14.1%) with 835,154 passengers (-8%) followed by Tenerife South, which was used by 734,822 passengers (-3.9%) with operations down by 4,572 (-7.9%) and Lanzarote which handled 363,265 travelers (-8.5%) and a reduction in operations of 3,053 (-16.5%). Fuerteventura’s airport operation numberss dropped by 21.9% with 302,235 passengers traveling through the airport, Tenerife North’s airport Los Rodeos recorded 3,748 flights (-17.2%) with 248,512 travelers (-11.7%) and La Palma had 1,078 operations (-31.6% ) with 68,905 travelers (-21.4%).
El Hierro also suffered a decline in the number of operations (-16.5%) and the passenger numbers were 10,515, a drop of -19.6%, while La Gomera increased slightly the number of operations to 123 (+3.4%), but with far fewer passengers, 1,308 a drop of 25.3%.

In the first two months of the year (2013), the airport of Gran Canaria was used by 1.71 million passengers (6.9% less than the same period of 2012), Tenerife South, 1.48 million (a drop of 4.9%), Lanzarote, by 738,393 passengers (-8.7%), Fuerteventura, by 614,768 (-9.1%), and Tenerife North, by 506,944 (-12.8%).

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