German tourist dies in Fuerteventura

A German tourist died yesterday and another one was injured after a palm tree fell on them while they were sunbathing in a hotel in Morro Jable in the municipality of Pajara in Fuerteventura. Both people, tourists of German origin, were due to return to Germany this Friday. The two men were in the pool area of a hotel in the south of the island lying on a hammock when a strong gust of wind shook a palm tree, about 10 metres tall and one metre in diameter. The power of the storm caused the tree to break in half.

The trunk of the tree fell on the 41 year old German tourist, who died instalntly, while a second 35 year old suffered serious injuries to his legs. Despite the rapid action of the hotel staff, when the emergency services arrived, they could only certify the death of one of the victims, while a helicopter was arranged for the second victim. The two tourists had arrived at Fuerteventura a few days ago to enjoy a weeks holiday. They planned to return to Donzdorf, their city of residence, later this week. The Guardia Civil, who arrived with the coroner, have taken over the investigation to determine the causes of the loosening of the palm tree.

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