April 2, 2015

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Five dead and three injured on Thomson Majesty cruise ship at La Palma

Thomson Majesty La Palma 5 dead 3 injured

This article is now closed to updates. The 112 emergency services in the Canary Islands have reported that there have been 5 fatalities and 3 injured people (according to reports, all crew members) after an incident with a lifeboat aboard the cruise ship Thomson Majesty which is currently docked on the island of La Palma. The incident happened around midday today (Sunday, 10th February 2013).

The incident is reported to have happened during a mock rescue procedure where the lifeboat fell approximately 20 metres from the ship into the sea.

The lifeboat has been taken away as part of a judicial investigation.

Update 13/02/2013 @ 09:00 :The Thomson Majesty is to remain docked at the port of Santa Cruz de la Palma while the investigations continue into the death of 5 crew members on Sunday. The crew, around 550 people, have stayed with the cruise ship. The Maltese government have sent representatives (the cruise ship carries the Maltese flag) to the island and the passengers aboard the ship have been flown back to their origin after the remainder of he cruise was cancelled due to the accident.

Update 12/02/2013 @ 14:00 :The passengers aboard the Thomson Majesty, which suffered a fatal accident in which 5 of its crew lost their lives during a routine simulation exercise, will be leaving the island of La Palma via air, according to reports. It appears that the cruise ship Majesty will remain in the port of La Palma during ongoing judicial investigations into the tragic accident.

Update 11/02/2013 @ 09:00 :The accident is reported to have happened when a routine simulation exercise was concluding and the lifeboat was being lifted back up onto the cruise ship. At this point one of the cables broke and the lifeboat plunged into the sea. Four of the victims died instantly, the fifth died around 45 minutes after the accident. Three other people remain in hospital on the island.

Update 11/02/2013 @ 08:15 : New video posted:


Update 10/02/2013 @ 21:15 : Video posted from aboard the Thomson Majesty:

Update 10/02/2013 @ 21:00 : This isn’t the first time that the ‘Majesty’ has suffered a fatal accident. Before todays accident, the ship (not under Thomson Cruises at the time) was stuck by a huge wave in 2010 and two people lost their lives and 17 people were injured. The boat operated under the name of ‘Louis Majesty’. Video of 2010 accident:

Update 10/02/2013 @ 19:00 : It is being reported that the cause of todays accident where 5 people have died (all crew members) aboard Thomsons ‘Majesty’ cruise ship, was caused by one of the cables that supported the lifeboat breaking, which lead to the lifeboat plunging into the sea from a height of between 20-25 metres. Eight people fell with the boat and were caught underneath it. Five of the eight people have died and the remaining three were injured.

Update 10/02/2013 @ 16:00 : The British Foreign Office has been informed of the accident and is investigating what has happened on board the British Thomson cruise ship Majesty. It is estimated that there are over 2,000 tourists on board the ship, none of them have been affected by the accident.

Update 10/02/2013 @ 15:00 : A mechanical fault is being reported as the possible cause of the accident.

Thomson Majesty  accident La Palma

Thomson Majesty accident La Palma

Update 10/02/2013 @ 14:45 : The nationality of some of the victims have been reported as 3 Indonesians, a Ghanian and a Filipino. Amongst the injured are Two Greek nationals in a serious condition and a Filipino in a less serious condition.

We have found a webcam that covers the port of La Palma, but have been unable to verify it as it appears to be unavailable:

* Archive image Thomson Majesty
Thomson Majesty La Palma 5 dead 3 injured

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